Exploring Big Sur

Big Sur, California. This place has been on my list for quite some time now. Despite being only an hour and a half from Santa Cruz I’ve had a few missed opportunities when it comes to getting down there – it could be the weather (a bad excuse I know), partially closed roads due to last winter’s storm, booked up campsites for months on end – it’s just taken me a few years to get down there is what I’m getting at. So, when my buddy Michael texted asking if I was free the next day to head down with Danny, Amanda and himself, camp (because the camping gods had blessed him with a space during a fully-booked weekend) and head back the next day, I really couldn’t say no.

img_5063The drive from Santa Cruz to Big Sur along State Route 1 is an easy, glorious 57 or so miles with views that just get better and better. The rugged coastline will have you wanting to pull over every 5-10 minutes, and we definitely did fairly early on as I just couldn’t fathom how awesome the views were so early into the trip. Mike had to keep reminding me “this isn’t even the good bit yet.”

We hopped back in the car in the direction of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to set up camp and head back out on the open road for McWay Falls. The light was radiant gold and impeccable – McWay Falls looked like its best self at golden hour. After soaking the sunset up at a stop alongside the road half way between McWay Falls and camp, we drove back down the winding road to enjoy the comfort of a fire and some dinner.



The next morning I headed home, making sure I checked out Bixby Bridge (with the twenty other tourists taking selfies by my side). Luckily a kind gentleman offered to take a photo of me by the bridge on my camera instead of settling for a photo on the ol’ iPhone:


Have you ever visited Big Sur? If so, what’s your favorite part of this Californian coastline? Let me know in the comments!