Hello thereΒ 

Hello and welcome! I’m glad to have you around these parts. My name is Holly, I’m a twenty-something Brit living in Northern California. After much deliberation I decided to pull the trigger and finally start this blog. I have a passion for photography and have been yearning for an outlet to share my photos lately. Β I’m really enjoying the process of film photography at the moment and will be featuring my latest adventures here.

I want this to be a space for all things creative – whether it be books I’m enjoying, music I’m loving, craft related activities I’m sinking my teeth into or most importantly places I’ve been exploring that have evoked an urge in me to share them with you. I will also be documenting my cooking adventures and even a little bit of fashion, so I guess you could call Holly roams a lifestyle blog.

Anyway, welcome and I’m excited to grow this space with you!

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